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FOX Business
Dec 23, 2012 12:00am EST
sandy was no exception. here is another example. michael of brooklyn, check this out, every day he is treading his death in his red suit with his red cent delivering presents to boys and girls. he gets requests from kids and has been blessed with a huge influx of the nation's. michael johnson the qualifies for the nice list, and i'm thankful they're out there. that's my "2 cents more." here is how you vote in on the poll question we asked on with the emphasis ts holiday season, has. >> wall street is very concerned. no doubt the average folks at home who have been cutting back more inclined to hang onto their wallets. they don't know what will happen. thank you congress. thank you mr. president. >> it is charities' season. makes us feel good to give. that is why there is a concert for storm victims. a bit greedy businesses ted turner did not like that idea. >> there is nothing more to say list. >> good by. >> now there are new ways to give to charity. >> where should you give? tonight. >> what does charity mean to you? the media obsesses what celebrities do and big
FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 1:00pm EST
of our other guests john: we're back with audience comments and questions for michael shurmur. brian cafler, david ropiak, and jonathan bean. so, who is first? >> if you ask those people you interviewed on the street, they would agree that government, for the most part is inept and corrupt, on the same token those same people i would think would want more government intervention to have an even playing field for people in this country, what do you think these two issues, the ineptness and corruptness don't coincide with their desire for less government. john: anyone, i agree with him, people say that government is corrupt. we need government to fix that. >> i think, yes, but as long as it is our tribe we're connected to then we feel like they will make the right decisions if they are the decisions we want them to make. if it is going in favor of the otr tribe, that we don't like, then we'll attack them as being incompetent and comment corrupt. >> there is an interesting example of this in texas. they have aup t adopted somethir drunk driving called no refusal, in many states, when yo
FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 9:00am EST
and angry. thought of volatility is common author of free radicals. anarchy? michael brooks says that gives us scientific breakthroughs. >> anarchy. lying, cheating, taking drugs, all kinds of things go on. john: you say 1/5 scientist worldwide take drugs? >> that was self disclosure. they said they would be happy to do it occasionally for those who are more eative. they are well documented cases of people doing extraordinary things of. john: one did his work her on dna for that lsd? >> he said he could not have won the world price without taking lsd. it helped him, the dna. john: they break the rules. barry marshall who cured all sirs' realized it was bacteria and not stress broke what to rule? >> the ethical rule to do an experiment. to get preapproved all but to win his nobel prize he'd drink a cup full of bacteria and the colleagues had to go with it. "don't ask, don't tell". john: they took samples. he did not even tell his wife. john: but if they goodness. all of these people who were drinking milk ulcers are gone. john: talk about fighting, fraud, lies and deceit? >> there is deceit
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)